Suzuki GT750 “Water Buffalo”

CUSTOM SWINGARM Our client wanted to fit a different swingarm in his GT750 frame. The exhaust needed to go in between the swingarm and the engine! We designed and fabricated a new rear part of [...]

Triumph Speedtwin Dragracer

CUSTOM chassis This project started as crazy idea. One of our regular clients is a huge Triumph fan. We build a Triumph speed twin racer for him several years ago. Now he had the crazy idea of [...]

JP motorcycles Frame

CUSTOM chassis Our client was designing an electrical all road motorcycle. We built the protoype frame for them so they could start the testing phase of their project. This time we didn’t [...]

BMW R1100 GS frame

BMW R1100 Gs frame CUSTOM frame Our client wanted to wanted to go off-road riding and therefore needed to use a conventional front fork.  He wanted to remove the tele-lever suspension [...]

Kibo 150

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Novabike 02

Novabike 02 racer of the TU delft racing team, this project led to founding of Wimoto.