Design a special frame and swingarm for a new “Boda Boda” motorcycle in Kenya (Africa). “Boda Boda” basically is the motorcycle cab industry. Kibo is a motorcycle brand which is focussed on this industry and wants to launch a new type of bike, this should be strong and robust.


Wimoto designed the chassis and swingarm for this bike. A complex project with a lot of design specifications. The frame and swing arm needed to be strong enough to carry several passengers, but also a lot of cargo. This is a perfect example why FEA and 3d design are so important. A lot of optimization steps could be made before testing began.

This was a great project to be part of and it is still going strong. The first 100 bikes are already produced and will be driving in Nairobi soon.

Special features

  • New frame design
  • Swingarm design
  • Cargo racks
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