Your custom ride

Are you tired of the looks of your daily driver?  Did you start your own project but you don’t have the right tools or skills to finish it? Or maybe you just want a bike that nobody else has, we can help!

It doesn’t matter if we stick to basics or we go all the way custom, we always have the same  working method. Check it out below.

  • Brainstorm

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Fabrication

1) Brainstorm

In a brainstrom session we discuss your wishes and possible issues. We can help you in what is possible and how much time certain thing cost.


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2) Design

We use photoshop to come up with an initial design. We can discuss the options and decide which way to go.




3) Engineering

When necessary we use Solidworks to engineer new parts, like swingarm subframes of even the main frame. With FEA (finite element analysis) we can check and optizime the design before we start fabrication.


4) Fabrication

Our workshop is well equiped for all the custom fabrication work. From start to finish we can design, build and finish your dream bike entirely  in house.


sprint frame

Costs of a custom ride

As you might expect the cost of building a custom ride strongly depends on your wished and demands.  For example when we need to design and engineer a new swingarm this takes a lot more time than just using the original one. Or when you decide to go for different wheels this also takes more time than using the originals.

When you want us to build your ride we use a few standards! For every project we make sure that the bike has;

  • New wheel bearings, headstock etc.
  • A revision of the brake system, including brakelines
  • New Tyres
  • New custom seat
  • New powdercoating and paintjob.
  • A complete maintenance service.

Generally a custom bike takes between 100 and 500 hours, again strongly depending on the engineering work. The minimum amount time we need and charge for a complete  custom bike is 100 hours.

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We are happy to help with all your motorcycle challenges!

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