Chassis, RACE


Design and build a single cylinder racing bike that can compete in the Supermono championship


After the Novabike project, the racing virus kept going. We wanted to build our own racing bike. A new frame was designed as well as a new swingarm.

Special features

  • Custom frame

For this racing bike a completely new frame is developed. Made out of chromoly just over 6 kg.

  • Custom single sided swingarm

This is the eyecatcher of this bike. The single sided tubular swingarm was quite a challenge to produce but looks amazing.

  • Custom tripple clamps

Inhouse engineering of tripple clamps by one of our mechanical experts Matthys te Wierick. Design and FEA analyses done one tripple clamps as well as footpegs

  • Custom exhaust

Custom made exhaust system flows trough the swing arm

  • Custom footpegs
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