If you are having troubles fitting your custom seat? Or if you need some tabs for installing electrical components… we can help design and build you a new subframe. This can be welded directly to the main frame, or can be made separately and bolted on later. 

We already made a lot of different subframes for several popular bikes. Please take a look in the web shop to see which frames we already have in production

Production subframes

Most of our subframes are demountable. Meaning that this is a fairly easy job. You just remove the original subframe and bold on the new one.  For some subframes minor modifications are necessary on the main frame.
Check out the web shop to see for which bike we already designed a subframe.

Custom subframes

If you can’t find your bike in the web shop, or you just want to have something unique. We can always build you a custom subframe. We will fully adjust it to your wishes. If necessary we can build you a custom seat that matches the subframe perfectly. A custom subframe starts at €450,- (ex tax).

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