Honda CBR600 F2 conversion

Your old bike with new looks

Honda CBR 600 F2 Custom rebuild

Throughout the late eighties and early nineties, 600cc sportbikes dominated the sales charts of Japan’s big 4 manufacturers. Leading the middleweight class in both performance and sales was Honda’s CBR600 F. Over a 7 year period, Honda sold in excess of 50,000 600cc motorcycles spearheaded by the CBR600 F and its successor the CBR600 F2. The CBR is a legend of the early nineties and yet it’s a relatively untouched platform in today’s custom scene.

That’s why WiMoto aims to change that! We decided to use this bike as a donor to design a kit that will be fully customizable to de wishes of our clients.

Our kit uses the original wheels engine and gastank. The rest basically gets replaced.

Colorwise you decide where we go, as well as what kind of style…

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