BMW K100 suspension kit

Custom suspension for your K-series bike, to get a clean look.

BMW k100 suspension kit

This WiMoto BMW k100 suspension kit is based on the Retro-rides kit which is widely available. However we upgraded the geometry for a smoother ride and we replaced the  bronze bushes for chromolybdeen spherical bearings for an optimal working system.

This kit is widely available for purchase but installing this kit definitely in not a beginners job. The original frame needs to be modified, and the welding needs to be done by a professional.

Wimoto not only produces these K100 suspension kit, we can also install the kit for you. We have an al inclusive service. You bring your bike stripped down to a rolling chassis. We provide the suspension kit, the YSS shock and perform the necessary modifications to your frame. We make sure the installation is done the right way. If you like we can also powder coat your frame in house.


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