Frame Building

WiMoto is specialized in engineering of tubular frames. Whether it is a racing bike, a café racer, a scrambler or other custom bike, the principle stays the same. We specialize in frame construction using chromolybdenum tubing. The frames can be MIG or TIG welded. Our frame building process consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Taking measurements

We work together with Zeggelaar frame richten to take the required dimensions of your motorcycle. Highly accurate measurements can be taken of the headstock position, castor angle, trail, tripple clamp offset but also mounting points for the engine and shock absorbers.  Measuring carefully is the foundation of a good design proces!

Step 2: Design

A geometry is determined based on your wishes. Do you want a sporty ride or just like cruising. This will be determined in the geometry sketch which will be the foundation for the frame design. Subsequently, a CAD model is made to translate this idea into a virtual reality. You can see exactly how the frame will turnout.

Step 3: Validate

The CAD model is virtually simulated on strength and stiffness so you can be sure that your frame will remain intact. 

Step 4: Fabricate

The frame construction takes place in our own workshop. This is fully equipped to produce your frame in a professional manner. Only high quality Chromolybdenum tube is used for our frames and swingarms.

Some of the frames built at WiMoto.

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